About Us has been around for a short time.  The Cybers software (without a name) has been around since March, 2000. 

As programmers, hardware techs & network administrators, systems analysts, and business owners, we have been around since 1986.  

We have written DOS, Microsoft Windows (tm), Linux, and Unix applications during that time to provide single purpose software up to integrated total business application packages on various platforms.

Vendor interfaces, fax software, network applications and drivers, serial and packet communications, database drivers and applications, web cgi interfaces, secure internet communications and file transfers, email packages, and more.  Pretty much the whole gambit of business tools and applications.

Small to large Novell, Linux and Unix networks including cabling, terminal, pc and server administration.

From all of this work we've seen and done quite a lot. We've seen the movement from the mainframe/minicomputer systems to the Intel based pc market.  We've seen the minicomputers with the bread box size 300 Meg hard drives and very expensive 1 to 4 Megs of RAM that cost as much as the average home at the time. And we've seen those same systems move to laptop size systems with incomparable processing power.

We have dealt with the Y2K problem and made sure that our customers won't suffer from problems like those.

Like we said... been there... done that.... And in a lot of cases "Never again!".

We hope you have all of the success with our software that we intend.  We have made every effort to make it as easy to use, flexible, consistent, efficient, and reliable as possible and continue to do so.

As you can see, we are have not made a great effort to make these pages look flashy to entertain you.  The same goes for our software.  It is written to work and be efficient about it - not entertain.  Many people have a problem with this style but we are more interested in being productive and creating the best functional product and not putting a better face on the product while skimping on what is more important underneath.

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