Purchase of a Server License includes 30 days of  free technical support on the Cybers installation and administration of the server from the time the License was issued.  While we are constantly adding, updating and refining the online help information, there may be times where it might not quite answer you questions.  Once you have installed the server and used the Cybers administration program for just a short while you probably will not require any additional help.  

We are always here for you to help you get started and to make your experience with our software and support as pleasurable as possible.  In most cases we can provide answers to your email questions faster than could be provided via phone or fax.  

Whenever possible, email your questions and provide your server name in the subject line.

Outside of the initial free support, charges $95/hr for all types of support.  This includes installation, training, programming, system analysis, etc., support provided via phone, fax, and/or email.

Although we may provide custom built servers, we do not maintain or provide hardware maintenance for these systems.  All warranties are provided by the respective manufacturer.  We recommend that you purchase maintenance and repair support locally.  Warranty repair information is provided with any hardware we provide.

Email Support: