Please email us at to answer any questions you may have on the MercWare Cybers™ server administration or installation software.

We encourage you to purchase the installation CD, or get a copy from a friend or associate, and try the software before purchasing a license.  If you buy the installation CD from us we will gladly deduct the cost from the License price when you are ready to purchase a License.

Pricing (in USA $)


  Bootable installation CD with Cybers 30 Day Trial Version  (includes shipping & handling)


  Full License per pc (one pc only, even if used for multiple server types like Mail, File, Web, etc.)
$ASK   Custom built Server with Cybers Administration License pre-installed

To order the Installation CD:

United States customers may send a personal, business, or cashiers check or money order for $9.95 (US Dollars)
Customers outside of the USA must send a cashiers check or money order for $9.95 (US Dollars)

  123 Main Street  
  Somewherein, USA  00000  

Please include your shipping address, daytime phone number, and email address. All information provided is strictly confidential and will only be used to contact you regarding your purchase (no advertising!).

Email Support:       


The installation CD is used to install any and all of the servers described on our home page and 'Servers' page.  A single pc may be used for running any or all of the servers described.  The installation CD will destroy any existing data on the pc hard drive.  You should be very certain that you have completely backed up any data you wish to save.  It is virtually impossible to restore any data that is overwritten.

To obtain a non-expiring License for the Cybers Administration software simply send $299 US Dollars to the above address and include your full server name and MAC Address as shown on the Cybers login screen.  You must provide an email address where we can send your Registration Key.  The email we send you will contain the simple instructions needed to install the encrypted Registration Key.

The Cybers software uses SSL technology.  Cybers will occasionally automatically (re)create special certificate files that are entirely unique for your server. These certificates are issued by the Cybers server and will not have a CA (Certificate Authority).  This means that when you connect to Cybers with your browser you will usually receive a warning that the certificate issuer is not recognized.  Simply click the appropriate response to continue.

Whether you decide to use the Cybers administration program or not, the installation CD creates a very flexible and efficient server.  Any servers you create using this CD, excluding the firewall,  will continue to operate regardless of whether the Cybers program is running or expired.

This software will only install on an Intel or compatible CPU based system using an IDE hard drive and a number of the most common types/brands of network cards.  The good news is that it should work on just about any old pc meeting these conditions, including a Pentium with at least 64 Megs of RAM and at least a 1.6 Gig hard drive (installation uses approx. 600Megs). Of course we can help if you need to use some high performance equipment. Realize, of course, that you should use equipment up to the task and not expect too much from very old equipment. In some cases old equipment works just fine.

We have found that some of the cheapest cards work as well as some of the most expensive cards (for 10/100 ethernet) for smaller internal networks (1-50 users).

You may create as many servers as you wish with the Installation CD.  The trial period for the Cybers Administration software is 30 days from the date of the installation.  The server itself is non-expiring and fully functional.

You may copy the Installation CD and give it away as desired providing you ALWAYS refer the recipient to our License Disclaimer below.

The software allows easy administration of multiple servers.  Each server can be run on separate pc's or combined on a single pc. Our Firewall is capable of forwarding the secure connection to your internal MercWare servers so that you may manage all of your office servers via the internet.

If you will not be using our firewall you will still be able to manage separate servers on your internal network using our software.  If your existing firewall allows port forwarding you may also administer internal servers via the internet.

Licenses are only valid for one pc and one pc may have a License covering all servers being run on it.  Licenses are directly attached to the pc's network card and server name and will not work on any other pc.  If you need to replace the network card the license is bound to, or the server name, you will need to contact us immediately for a replacement license.  License key changes are free of charge providing you do not change both the network and server name.  In other words; You do not pay for something you already bought because your hardware decided to bite it.

We currently provide free updates only to customers using our Firewall License AND providing you allow us to do this automatically.  Our Firewall allows you to stop even us from unauthorized access!  You MUST explicitly add our domain to those allowed to administer the MercWare server. Rest assured that we make every effort to ensure no unauthorized access is permitted from our side.  The communications to all of the MercWare server Cybers software uses SSL technology; including our auto-updates.

All licensed customers are automatically informed of new releases via email.  There may be a minimal charge for new releases for customers who do not allow us to automatically update their server(s).  This charge covers instances where you have not received new releases and additional work may be needed to bring you up to date.

We do not provide custom programming for the Cybers software.  We may be able to provide custom programming to interact with the current release.  This may be useful if you purchase the Web or Fax server License and have an existing software package you would like to interface to these servers.

Our servers are installed with quite a lot of 'extra' GNU/GPL software preinstalled.  If you have a need for additional capabilities and are aware of a package that works on RedHat Linux version 7.3, we may be able to help you with the installation and setup for it.  We charge $95/hr for custom configuration, tuning, and installation of third party software on the server.  Because its Linux, these charges are usually minimal.

License Disclaimer

All software is Licensed "As is".  We take no responsibility, in any way, for losses due to down time, inability to use the software, business relationships, or any other loss incurred due to the use or inability to use this software.  In any case, our sole responsibility is to refund to you the amount you actually paid for a server License or to replace the installation CD if it is found to be defective upon receipt by you. You acknowledge that software bugs or defects may exist in the Licensed software and that we are not responsible in any way to fix or replace the software, or refund or compensate you for problems arising because of bugs or defects.  You also acknowledge that the server created from the installation CD contains many third party software packages that have GNU/GPL license restrictions and these packages are not the responsibility of and we have no control over their use, misuse, faults, bugs, defects, or any other factor that may be deemed to have a negative impact on your ability to manage or control the installed server in any way.  However, we have made every reasonable attempt to ensure the quality and reliability of packages managed by our software and have made every reasonable effort to make sure these packages are up to date.

Our Firewall, in particular, should be regarded as a best effort attempt to prevent unauthorized access.  Since you, the customer, have ultimate control of who you allow or disallow access to your system, you take full responsibility for any and all traffic in and out of the firewall.  You understand that if a computer is turned on it is susceptible to unauthorized access no matter how strongly it is protected.  Our firewall is a very good attempt to prevent unauthorized access but it, and all firewalls, should not be considered impregnable.

* The Web Server license requires special handling via the Cybers File Server management.  You may use your favorite web publishing tool to create your entire web site on your file server then use our exclusive browser based control software to instruct the file server to update the web server (whether on the same pc or a separate pc).  This allows you to make sure your web site looks the way you want BEFORE exposing it to the public AND allows for better security since the web server essentially 'owns' everything.  All ownership rights to your pages and images are automatically preserved regardless of who you allow to access your private pre-public area.  Ownership rights on a server are those rights that users and server programs are given so that they may access data.  This is not the same as copyright or property ownership  rights.